What to Use Instead of Kamagra Jelly

The doctor can then adjust the dose according to how the medicine is affecting your health and needs. It is dangerous to take medication without the prescription of a physician.

Kamagra can be purchased in Super Kamagra, or Kamagra Oral jelly. However, neither of these products is approved in the UK. Therefore, it’s illegal to sell, nor buy. If you don’t have a prescription for your medicine, not only are you buying it illegally, but taking the medication oral jelly against doctor’s advice could result in dangerous side-effects or undesirable results. It is only safe to take prescribed medication if it was given by your physician. You should only take prescription medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Super Kamagra has the same unlicensed status as Kamagra and it is also illegal to sell or buy in UK. Super Kamagra, unlike Kamagra, contains 100mg and 60mg each of sildenafil as well as dapoxetine. Dapoxetine can also be found as the brand name Priligy and is often used to treat pre-ejaculation. In the UK these two ingredients are available only in prescription-only medications.

Super Kamagra’s manufacturer claims that the combination between these two medications should give you greater control over your sexual activity. But there are few to none evidences to support this claim. It is known that taking these two medications together in large doses can cause unwanted side effects.

Kamagra Oral Jelly comes in various flavours and dissolves quickly on the tongue. It contains the same 100mg as Kamagra, according to its manufacturer. This manufacturer claims it is easier to take this medicine this way, and that the medication works quicker. No official proof exists that using sildenafil as a tongue-absorbed gel makes the medication work faster.

You have options to choose from if you are looking for an erectile dysfunction treatment that is more effective than Viagra or Sildenafil. Kamagra should be able to work the same way if it only contains sildenafil. The medications increase blood supply to the penis. Thus, erections are easier and more comfortable. This is a non-licensed drug, so it’s not possible to verify that the medication contains all of its ingredients. Kamagra may not work as intended if this ingredient is missing.

Kamagra may be harmful to your health. Since it is an unlicensed medicine, it cannot be confirmed that it has the exact ingredients listed. There could also be ingredients which are harmful or have unwanted side-effects. Also, there is no guarantee that the medication was produced in compliance with UK regulations or safety guidelines. They are there to keep you safe and ensure medication is manufactured safely.

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